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SSEYDEL Toolset 

Price:   S$180.00

Seydel toolset for adjusting the gaps and exchanging reeds of harmonicas.

The case provided (13) could also hold for 2 chromatic harmonicas instead of the tools.

Consisting of:

(1) Pincers
(2) Drill bit HSS 2,0 mm
(3) Screw slotted 1.4mm x 3.9mm
(4) Starnut 2.2 M1.4 (German Silver)
(5) De-riveting tool
(6) Starnut wrench
(7) Tapper M 1.4
(8a) Cross slot screwdriver (x) PZ0
(8b) Screwdriver (-) 2,0x4
(9) Feeler gauges (8 pcs. - 0.05 -0.5 mm)
(10) Universal holder
(11) Reamers 1,3mm und 1,4mm
(12) Tuning file
(13) Soft case
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