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Price:   S$46.00

• Great sound due to the stainless steel reeds as used in Seydel’s top model , the 1847
• With mounting for the provided lanyard
• Packed into a tin can that serves as packaging but also as a resonator for many sound effects-get the music out of a tin can!
• Stainless Steel reeds
• Sealed wooden comb
• Extra strong coverplates
• Mounting for the provided lanyard

• BIG SIX CLASSIC “Blues”- diatonic harp in the key of C (holes 1 – 6 = 12 tones of a standard 10-hole). Best suitable for playing in the second position.

• BIG SIX CLASSIC “Folk” – diatonic harp in the key of C (holes 4 – 9 of a standard 10 hole harp lowered one octave). Suitable for playing many traditional songs in the first position.
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